Thank goodness for /. otherwise this story would have probably gone unnoticed by the majority of readers out there. It has not been picked up by any other major site, I found it first via Google News and noticed it on /.

When oh when are we going to get remedy from our government from this illegal and abusive monopoly? Would not 5 baby bill perform better in the competetive computing landscape? It is impossible to argue that the consolidation of Microsoft is good for the consumer or required for the operation of the company.

... and now for something completely different...

I'm looking at the DRM movement with MSOffice and dreading the future of the industry and my own personal interoperability pains. I use Linux on as may desktops as possible and it looks like MS wants to end that.

If I am forced to use Windows for work, I will have to sue Microsoft. Since I quit windows, I've been able to quit smoking. Many of my previous quitting attempts were thwarted by Windows frustrations.

Is Bill in bed with RJ Reynolds?


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