Steal This Widget Reloaded!

I let it sit over the weekend, but now I need to talk about the excitement brewing over the "Steal This Widget" blog gutter widget.

This little guy has been getting some traction. Sarah has a history of its development and the history of its travels are just beginning. You can now easily Steal This Widget by simply clicking on its lovely name (or go here)I've written about some of the notable sightings here before, but none of those have twiddled the advanced settings (oops I'm wrong, it looks like cogworks has set the gradient opacity to 100% for the overstated shadow look).

Here are a couple of advanced color schemes I call "Shark", "Twilight", and "Sunset":
BG Color0x0000000x7733990xeeee88
Text Color0xffffff0xffffff0x000000
Gradient Opacity10010075
Gradient Color0x00aadd0x0033990xfd6a20


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