Lots of news from the head Shrub in the last few days. I havn't sat down and blogged on it because it is still digesting.

We have entered into an illegal occupation of another soverign nation. No matter how you feel about Saddam, nothing changes what we have done. Never mind the fact that nothing we do in Iraq directly confronts Al Quaeda. Where are the WMD again?

The war on terror has made 0 progress since the taliban was disassembled. We still don't have Osama Bin Laden.

We choose to go to the moon because it will serve as a great distraction from concrete issues during an election campaign.

Oh yeah, and Mars too, let's go there.

Fuck, let's get a shuttle off the ground...

So now we are going to abandon Hubble by 2010. That sounds monumentally stupid on a number of levels. If you don't believe in the scientific value of Hubble, repurpose the fucker. Use hubble to look at and for asteroids that will kill the planet.

Bush wants to increase domestic security spending. I wanna know where he's gonna get that cash...

The economy is coming back for a few sectors and only for businesses. Let us not forget how many people are still out of work. I'm still interested in the numbers of people that have given up on finding work...

Bush also appointed a supreme court justice while the cogress was on vacation. Another dirty play...

That's enough for now... I'll rant more later. Maybe even add some links :)


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