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So I spend a lot of time on Google News - U.S. Surely there is going to be some continued outrage against our vice president telling senators to go fuck themselves? It's only tuesday there should be something going on.... right?

Nope, nothing. It's sad, seems that most Americans are sheep. Let us look at a couple of things about the current administration that have occurred in the last week
  1. Supreme court tells them they're wrong on Guantanamo
  2. Our VP is cussing out senators
  3. and obstructing justice

and only 51% of americans think they need to go.

Oh yeah I guess that now that Iraq is free everything's all better.

My favorte comment from Monday was this one from FUX News.com:
Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly, supposedly, allegedly, probably told Sen. Pat Leahy to go — not to Hades — but to do something to himself that we all know is most cases physically impossible.

Not that it's a bad idea. When I heard Cheney told Leahy to do this to himself, I thought of all those times the senator smugly sat at the helm of the Judiciary Committee and blocked Bush appointees to the federal bench... doing it out of the pure peevish political power of the chairmanship.

Oh you're kidding me right? You're doing your job as you see fit and I don't like you so this "outburst" is justified if it happened at all...

"As the vice president said — he doesn't usually speak that way, but this time he did and he was happy that he did."

I guess it's not reportedly, supposedly, allegedly or even probably. I need to add a section to theis blog called "Hack of the Week" and make sure to add John Gibson from FUX News to that list.


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