9/11 and Misconceptions.

Bush has been on the stump for a while now attacking Kerry for a "September 10th mentalisty". His point is that thw war on terror is a military action and that to believe otherwise is foolish.

This hadn't really sunk into me until today, but now that it has gotten into my thinking I've decided that Bush is truely delusional.

On September 12th 2001 someone asked me if I supported cutting the military now that we had been attacked. At the time I was arguing against the spending of trillions of dollars on a missile defense system that was designed to knock down ICBMs. I've always thought that theater defense was a sensible form of missile defense and that in the coming wars we should try to avoid them first, but that ICBMs were a threat of the past.

A trillion dollar missile defense system wouldn't have prevented 9/11. But that's not the point of today's rant. Today I ask what would have prevented 9/11?

Would a preemptive attack against Afaghanistan prevented 9/11? How about Invading Iraq, would that have done it?

So let's think here, and think clearly. Intelligence and police work would have prevented 9/11. The 9/11 commission said as much. This president is so committed to staying the course and justifying the means that he has completely convinced some people that right is wrong.

An interesting number I heard a while back, was 200. That's the number of FBI agents invloved with looking into the activities of the Clintons. Maybe two or tree of them could have returned phone calls to flight schools. Maybe a little police work would have prevented 9/11.

But this is not what we're talking about anymore. Bush says "With your help on Nov. 2, the people of America will reject the politics of fear, and vote for an agenda of hope and opportunity and security for all Americans," but the only thing he's peddling is fear. Fear of how the world will be destroyed by terrorists if he's not theman at the helm. Fear of rationed medicine if we dcreate a more universal heathcare system.

Ok enough. I'll come up with some neat LZX code to get my mind off these things...


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