The Chaoszone Weblog ? Flex and Laszlo

The Chaoszone Weblog ? Flex and Laszlo

I should comment on this one...
Flex and Laszlo, while attractive, look like products whose windows of opportunity are closing – fast.

That assumes that Microsoft can ship anything on time. The window of opportunity for RIA without Microsoft is much wider than you think and for a couple of reasons:
* Apple isn't going away anytime soon and they are more likely to adopt an open standard than a Microsft one.
* Longhorn won't be available untin '06 or '07. Then it will take another 5 years to replace XP so looks like the window is maybe due to start closing in 2011.

Doesn't seem so fast to me


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Prasenjeet said...

XAML (which may no longer be tied to Longhorn ever since MS decided to ship Avalon for XP) isn't the only competitor to Flex and Laszlo, the bigger story (in the non-MS world) is WHAT-WG and Web Forms 2. Given that Web Forms 2 allows you to build RIAs far more "naturally" (and does not need a presentation server in between) makes it look more attractive to me. When you couple it with something like Adam Bosworth's Intelligent Caching Framework, it's an even more powerful platform.

Yep, Web Forms 2 will take at least 2-3 years to catch on and that's a gap both Flex and Laszlo should exploit. However, strategically, they look to be stop-gap products (like the old DOS memory extenders) to me, since IMHO no one would want them if their HTML renderer intrinsically supported "rich" operations like dragdrop, fonts and autocomplete.


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