...was wyrd ? In the hope of reading Kurt

...was wyrd ? In the hope of reading Kurt
Translation from German:
In the hope OF reading Kurt
Put down under

* Events
* Transformation
* Acceleration

around 12:42

While I enter myself by the morning Aggregatorenschlamm clicke and deliberately side paths, slowly a Futureflash swells to the necks highly. Laszlo presentation server since 4.Oktober open SOURCE. Ok one. force bar, although condemns fat WOW. Immediate Download on the waste dump. Braineinsatz if time. Ideas enough. 8 Clicks the far Flashstadtkarte from satellite photo with map overlay. Middle WOW. Differently suggestions that the employment by Laszlo within the education range already one angedacht somewhere. Place? North Rhine-Westphalia. Await.

Biological Flashback on my Blogworkshop in the DGB education center Hattingen. I think the information OVERFLOW fire hose of young humans into their brains I deliberately installed. There one - from the age bag generation perspective - grows up interesting subpopulation. Linux and Windows all the same. Use it and forget about it. However the suggestion of the acceleration of the technological Fortflashs does not produce still easy irritations (it is finally their future) this fundamentalist Armfuchteln as particularly with older rule humanistischer education degrees.

In the secondary room the Kurt Jansson and Wikimediaworkshoppte sat. Everyone knows the German Wikipedia. But everyone absolutely does not know Kurt. 2 meters, cool intelligently, Zwirbelbaertchen and first chairmen of the Wikimedia Germany. That is so degrees still tolerabel ; -), which I could not not let go through however was the shocking discovery the Kurt bloggt!! There does someone know times the dear Kurt Blogstalken or Stalkbloggen or Blogmaeeuten?

Tja, and then I would like to refer still to Guido bromine brook. Bears also two fire hoses. Thanks after Hattingen! At any time gladly again!


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