John Gibson - Little White Lies

Fox new strikes again.... FOXNews.com - The Big Story w/ John Gibson - My Word - Little White Lies is titled as such because his point is:
"Nonetheless, Powell also made nice — in a transparently phony way — saying France is an important partner to the U.S., even though we all know it isn't.

Now Bush is going to have to go over there and tell the same little white lie."

But this guy plants a whopper earlier in the story:
..." the Canadians — who have spent the years since Sept. 11 kicking us in the teeth — decided he was coming to apologize for the Iraq war."

Canada fought in Afghanistan, and joined Bush's "Coalition of the Willing". They sent troops and armor to Afghanistan. We even killed some of their guys along the way. They also sent a destroyer ant two frigates to help out with Iraq.

What is it with the lies?


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