Redmond Hogwash

Resources for Competing with Linux
"It’s becoming ever clearer that the Windows platform offers better total cost of operation (TCO) than Linux. Use these resources to make the case that Windows will save your customers’ time, frustration, and money."

I was hoping to actually look at some of this data, but it requires a passport login to read most of the documents.

I was particularly interested in this article...
From the site:
On January 1, 2002, CIO Magazine ran an article entitled “How to Run A Microsoft-Free Shop.” Though the article is passionately pro-Linux, the writer provides few facts to support his claims that switching from Microsoft to Linux provides benefits. This document refutes the writer’s claims, point by point.

It is really too bad that M$ won't let me read the articles, but I won't get a passport password for obvious reasons.

One wonders why this info is all locked up?

I also wonder why they neglected to mention that when the chips are down Microsoft relies on Linux.


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