More Lies from lying liars

"The Boston Globe should be concentrating on baseball" is the next quite I expect to hear from the White House. This story: Form letters from soldiers in Iraq raise eyebrows points out the "Filters" in news reporting.

Astroturfing of this nature is dispicable. I thought only Microsoft would stoop so low. But it looks like the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment commanders are just as scummy.

I won't bullshit here, I was in the military and when a commander, commissioned or otherwise suggests you sign a form letter and mail it, you do it.

You see suggestions are just short of orders. Disobeying a lawful order is cause for official action. When any suggestion comes from a superior, it has the weight of an order.

Imagine you're a 19 year old infantryman in a combat zone. The people around you depend on you for support and you depend on them in kind. Your seargent has informed you as to where, when and how you will eat, drink, sleep and shit for the last 9 months.

He approaches you with some papers and says: "I won't order you to do this..."

I am disgusted with this latest action But at least I'm not alone:
Papers Duped By U.S. Soldier Form Letters
Pentagon calls form letters a mistake
Bush's good news offensive

There is one interesting quote from a soldier over there:
'That letter is gospel truth. We were asked if we agreed with it to sign it, because we are so sick of the media telling stories that are not true and want people to know what we are doing over here,'

Soldier! Do you agree with this letter?


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