More Evil from Redmond...

I found this article on ZDNet.com.com on the new Microsoft campaign against Linux by way of IBM.

One of the interesting things that is buried in there is:
"Much of Microsoft's interoperability push has been based on XML, and the software giant is also trying to lock up numerous XML-related technologies. The company has applied for numerous XML-related patents, some of which could be used to lock out competing applications, according to analysts. Or Microsoft could provide royalty-free access to XML-related innovations, as it recently decided to do with the proprietary XML dialect, or schemas, used by its Office 2003 software."

Translating that to Dreffspeak: Microsoft is using every lever available to keep you locked in to the "One Microsoft Way". The only way you can view/manipulate your own data is through Microsoft software.

Golly gee williker... 6 years of the same old shit from Redmond. I find it very interesting and telling that it has taken 6 years to start the work they outlined in 1998 take a look here for the original quotes leaked...


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