Disturbing trends...

I heard some of this story on my way to work this morning. Basically a worman refused a C-section. When one of her twins was stillborn it lead to a murder charge.

SO there are a couple of issues at hand here Her attorney, Michael Sikora, called a C-section major surgery and told the Tribune "it would come as no surprise that a woman with major mental illness would fear it."

If she's that ill she shouldn't be allowed to make that decision for herself.

Critics of the charges say the case could affect abortion rights and open the door to the prosecution of mothers who smoke, fail to follow their obstetrician's diet or take some other action that endangers a fetus.

I still need to digest this one, it's disturbing when someone lets a viable baby die, but I don't want to head down the road of the unborn rights overriding a mothers' rights.


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