Dreff Swimming in Enemy Territory

I'm gleefully reading and writing in the STLtoday.com Blues Talk forum. There are some knowledgable fans there, but a much higher percentage of smack talking homers. I think I'll post some of my better responses from there on this site for kicks.

Here's one:
Posted: 11 Apr 2004 20:54 pm

Post subject: I predict...
That Wilson will continue to play chess on the ice, moving his pawns and setting up for a game 5 or 6 checkmate.

Kitchen will continue to play tiddlywinks....

I'm down on Kitchen right now for two reasons. First, he said publicly that he didn't know Oz was hurt. They're not making much of it now, but when a goalie gets beaten twice on the same side and his mobility is down you need to do something. The second reason is more subtle, he needs to remind his players of how to control the tempo of the game and to play smart. They need to be reminded that retaliation will get them noweher but in the penalty box or worse, suspended.

One fun quote from TSN.ca:
Miller: It sure does, and if you look at who's scoring goals in the playoffs, it seems to bear that out. But, there's a lot of talk in the St. Louis-San Jose series about officiating there, especially from the St. Louis side. There is one group of people that could predict this was going to happen: the San Jose Sharks. Before the series against the Blues began, Sharks players were shown a long video tape of St. Louis players taking undisciplined penalties, especially Keith Tkachuk and Chris Pronger. San Jose players were told, "Goad those guys into penalties. They'll take selfish, undisciplined penalties." Through two games in that series, Pronger and Tkachuk between them have combined for 11 minor penalties. Pronger was penalized with two double-minors in the Game Two loss (Saturday).

Playing chess :)


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