Sharks send St. Loius home singing the Blues... What a great series. The sharks have stunned everyone by jumping from the Pacific Division bottom dwellers to the top of the charts. 1st in the division, 2nd in the conference and 3rd overall. Plus downing the Blues in 5 games gives them valuable rest time to heal up stars like Alyn McAuley, Scott Thornton and Milan Micalek. Bring on the... whoever... we can take 'em.

Major kudos on this series go to Mark Smith for popping in the series winner, Marcel Goc for playing his first NHL game under serious pressure, getting a point to boot. For Ron wilson for showing us all what this team can do together. Patrick Marleau for single handedly scoring all goals in game 2 for the natural hat trick. Nabokov for limiting the Blues to two goals on his ice... Oh the list goes on. By the time these playoffs are completed Every one of these players will have earned a Conn Smythe.


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