999 "official" Casualties...

There's a bad number on Iraq Coalition Casualties today. 999 US Soldiers "Officially" killed in action.

I heard a sick twisting of the facts about these numbers, if you are wounded in action, but die in a hospital you are not officially killed in action.

Just one more way to twist the truth and keep the turnips from noticing the real numbers of dead.

I've also heard that the US forcs in Afganistan were being diverted to prepare for an Iraqi invasion as early as March of 2002.

Our govenment is rotten fron the head down, and 53% (last week) of the turnips in this country think that GWB is the man to trust in fighting the war in terror.

He never ever wanted to fight the terrorists. If he did, we wouldn't have given Bin Laden 2 months to get away or only sent 12,000 troops to "smoke him out"


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