Hugos House of Weblog Horror 8.10.2004

Hugos House of Weblog Horror 8.10.2004Laszlo - Products
In german... bablefish says:
Laszlo is the Prime Minister open SOURCE platform for the development and delivery OF rich InterNet applications on the World Wide Web. - ask which? The part is times posed to open under a SOURCE license straight and is to now already be equal to the "Prime Minister open SOURCE platform"? Zope, Drupal, Mambo, Typo3, Plone, Brickolage, Scoop, Xoom, Slash and like it all hot - those are thus all fancy? Apart from it LAMP is (unfortunately - I like neither MySQL nor PHP) probably the prominent platform, if one interprets platform in the usual sense.

Marketinghype held stop with the companies also in the open SOURCE introduction.


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