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So I'm reading CBS News | Kerry: Bush Could Renew Draft | October 16, 2004?07:09:25 and I come across this quote:
"In the final debate I talked about the vital link between education and jobs; the senator didn't seem to get it," Mr. Bush told supporters in Cedar Rapids.

Mr. Bush clearly doesn't get it.

Many of the jobs that are being outsourced and offshored are the types of jobs that require a higher education. Sure, if assembly jobs get offshored, we can retrain those people. Unfortunately those are not the only jobs that are moving overseas.

How are you going to tell someone with a Bachelor's or Master's degree to go to community college to retrain? Are we all supposed to become mechanics and ditchdiggers?

The problem with offshoring as it is happening in my industry is that the skill level and expertise of those losing work is at a level where Bush's retraining rhetoric doesn't apply.


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