Teal Sunglasses: Hypocrites in the NHLPA?

Oustandingly good point Chuq!

Teal Sunglasses: Hypocrites in the NHLPA?

This also points out that the problem with the negotiations may not be the NHLPA as much as it is Bob (no)Goodenow fighting for the high priced players.

I've had this feeling that the current lockout has more to do with the marquis players than "the players". Probably 90% of the NHL players would be happy with a system that provides good salaries and benefits. It's the last 10% or less who are the forces fighting against the salary caps along with their agents.

I've (painfully) resigned myself to the probability that there will not be an NHL season this or next year. The upside is that I'm not spending $1000 to see 5 games with my kids or exposing myself to $4000 in risk of not selling excess tickets.


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