The reviews begin...

Here we go... the reviews are starting to flow in from various media outlets.
Persuasive and passionate. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is both. It's also Michael Moore's best film.

From the San Francisco Chronicle.

You want my take? After only seeing the trailer I will say that I will do everything in my power to pay full price to see this movie this weekend. Hell I might even go twice. I figure that this is another way that we can vote with our wallets to make a statement to thw whole country. When the new headlines are:

Record Breaking Opening for Farenheit 9/11
Farenheit 9/11 Tops at Box Office

Thos small minded theatres that would't run the film will change their minds.

If you're a Bush supporter, please by all means, DON'T go see the file. Please protest it, make noise and get your mug on the TV you'll be doing yourself and us all a huge favor.


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