FDA and Food companies

News today: Omega-3 Foods Can Put Benefits on Label, FDA Says (washingtonpost.com)

Wonderful! Maybe then they will use this opportunity to lable their products with the "required" trans fat levels.

Remember that they need not actually disclose the trans-fat levels in 2006. Here's an article that seems to remember that.

The excuse for letting food companies wait until 2006 to start labling their producs was to use up current lable stock.

Bullshit, Wheaties has medalists on the boxes before games are over. Don't tell me they need to use up stock of lables. Every food comany in this country has huge marketing budgets that get used to keep their fingers on the pulse of the public so that they can react to the slightest shift in market trends.

I'll bet that we see Omega-3 on lables next week while Trans-fats will wait until the very last minute. I'll bet any amount you want that we see Omega-3 lables from Nabisco before we see a single mention of trans-fats on Oreos.


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