Mixed emotions: Gun Control

So here's a petition: MoveOn.org: Don't Let the Assault Weapons Ban Expire

I have a few areas in my personal belifs where I break rank with any file. I don't own a gun myself, but I believe that the 2nd amendment, where it drafted today would not have excluded assault rifles.

Our founding fathers were leery of govenment taking too much control of and liberty from the citezenry. I think that they would have argued against a ban on certain types of weapons.

It's hard to ask them of course...

So we're all left with our own interpretations of their words. I know that they didn't forsee the AK-47 being used to hose down a McDonalds, but then again they couldn't forsee either the AK-47 or McDonalds.

I swore an oath to defend and protect the constitution once. I've questioned some of the provisions there in the past, like recently about the rights of free speach and the media covering trials...

One of the justifications for the 2nd amendment was to protect the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. These could be used in defense of our country by a foreign invader or to overthrow a tyrranical government that no longer served the will of the people.

I'm still wrestling with this because though I don't believe that my nutcase neighbor could be trusted to clean a pistol...

I need to stop thinking about this one, it's far too easy to talk yourself into a corner.


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