I can't help myself...

This texan obviously is writing a review after reading someone else's review. Moore should attack Dems too - The Daily Texan - Opinion is a waste of time.

"The movie does prominently feature George W. Bush, whose incompetence, greed and favoritism have careened the nation toward an unjust and unnecessary war. Such a portrait should raise the question of what the "opposition" party was doing during such a debacle, but Moore would not relish giving the only possible answer: It was supporting the war"

Umm... I think he said so, in the movie and by implication. He also showed ust the party of opposition signing the patriot act.

But here's Mike O’Connor's excuse: O'Connor is an American studies graduate student and a member of the Green Party.

I'm a Libretarian, go cry me a river.

Let us not forget who Moore pointed a finger at Bill Clinton (among others) in "Bowling for Columbine", Never mind how vocal he has been AGAINST the "most worthless excuse for a party -- the Democrats", recently.

More worthless trash from texas, please take your village idiot back, he's fucking up our country.

I Guess I only get one day off from being a prick. I just can't help myself.


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