Fahrenheit 911 & BitTorrent

So on /. the other day was a blurb titled: Moore Approves Fahrenheit 9/11 Downloads. I've already seen the film, but just to see I checked out suprnova to see what the quality of the downloads was like.

I've seen some movies show up and get hundreds of downloads and tens of seeders, but never before have I seen anything like this.

Right now there are 5 copies of Fahrenheit 911 up there. The copy with the least number of seeders is 109. Greatest is 815 seeds. My word, there are over 12,000 downloads going on.

So Let's get Jack Valenti to explain this one... It looks like Fahrenheit 911 is going to be the most pirated movie of all time, and still break all the monetary documentary records.

Maybe Mr Moore isn't just correct about Bush, but also about his business of movies? We shall see.


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