Let us see what this does... Care to know the weather where you are? Hopefully this will get plugged in correctly and you can try a little Laszlo Application for yourself...

So now we have learned something interesting about Blog-ware. The linewraps are based on carraige returns. I will have to look into the manuals and see if there is a way to tell the editor that this is html and not text.

Funny thing is that a smart XML parser would know that I have a tag and not insert <br> after every line in the text...

Well now that the blogging software is actually working I may take a bit of time to work on this thing. I will be putting up some interest specifc pages that deal with The San Hose Sharks, Anime, Web toys, maybe games. I will also have to put in some technology notes and toys I build using LZX.

If you havn't heard of LZX yet, you will. This is a new language that is the core of Laszlo Systems' technology. A couple of other heavy Bloggers have taken note of this and most notably, Marc Canter has some thoughts on this.


So, I'm going to try out this Blogger thing to see what all the fuss is about. Once apon a time I taught myself HTML tables and layout by re-creating the pages of Game Developer Magazine. Now we have Blogs, which look to me to be just a wrapper for data based wep pages.

Evolutionary technology that leads to a revolution on the web?

Maybe, Wanna buy some shares in Pointcast?