Homeboy Bush not welcomed by homers?

The Lone Star ICONOCLAST - Editorial, Opinion of the Publishers Writes: "Compared to Bush on economic issues, Kerry would be an arch-conservative, providing for Americans first. "



I can't make this stuff up...

Sometimes you look at a story and wonder what form of fiction we're living in...

Bush says about Kerry:
"I think he can spend 90 minutes debating himself,"
Then sets up for that to happen:
"...officials of the Commission on Presidential Debates said the Bush-Cheney campaign is leaving open the possibility of pulling out of the second or third debate..."

You can't make this stuff up! I'm a bit bewildered as to why someone who says "I'm going to continue to speak as clearly as I can and tell the people what I believe." would even think about backing out of a debate.

"And I'm not going to change positions when times get tough." No, instead you would drive off a cliff if it meant changing course.

I know why the Bush camp doesn't want him to speak now... Karl Rove knows the first law of holes; When you realize you're in one, stop digging.


Cat Stevens barred from U.S. over terror links

So here we are today: CTV.ca | Cat Stevens barred from U.S. over terror links

This is the most incredible bullshit I have ever read.

"On Wednesday, Homeland Security spokesman Brian Doyle said Islam was placed on a watch list after multiple intelligence sources in recent weeks indicated the peace activist may have associations with potential terrorists."

may have tiess to potential terrorists?

Give me a fucking break. If you can show ties to terrorists we'll talk, but maybe he might have something to do with someone that might be a terrorist? Give me a fucking break.

We still let the Saudi royal family into the country even though we know that they have ties to terrorists. There's no maybe potential about it.

CBS World Net Daily Jinsa Warriors for truth.


The value of email

The market price for a GB of email storage is $0.32 according to this eBay item.

As soon as we learn how to use gmail for distributing porn and sharing music that value may go up a bit.

Maybe I should fill my inbox with image attachments, then sell it on ebay...

What Video Game Character Am I?

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Light Cycle.

Lightness for the day is well needed. :)


FDA and Food companies

News today: Omega-3 Foods Can Put Benefits on Label, FDA Says (washingtonpost.com)

Wonderful! Maybe then they will use this opportunity to lable their products with the "required" trans fat levels.

Remember that they need not actually disclose the trans-fat levels in 2006. Here's an article that seems to remember that.

The excuse for letting food companies wait until 2006 to start labling their producs was to use up current lable stock.

Bullshit, Wheaties has medalists on the boxes before games are over. Don't tell me they need to use up stock of lables. Every food comany in this country has huge marketing budgets that get used to keep their fingers on the pulse of the public so that they can react to the slightest shift in market trends.

I'll bet that we see Omega-3 on lables next week while Trans-fats will wait until the very last minute. I'll bet any amount you want that we see Omega-3 lables from Nabisco before we see a single mention of trans-fats on Oreos.

Mission Accomplished!

So Bush has been saying something about the 1000 dead mark. I heard this repeated today and have been looking for a quote.

The sacrifices that they made not only helped make America more secure, but it helped spread the peace. And the best way to honor the memory of those loved ones is to complete the mission, is to not grow weary, it's to not tire, it's to be resolute and strong in our belief that we will succeed.

Wait one fucking minute Mr Bush, I though the mission was accomplished in May of '03 now we need to complete the mission?

The other funny is that this quote comes from Aug 28. And he's using the same line again today. He needs a better writer...
Remarks By President Bush at 'Ask President Bush' Event

Offficially crossed the line.

So it's official, 1000 dead in iraq. Newsday.com - National News. Let us not forget that the bodycount when Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" was 349. So 2 soldiers have died since the end for every one that died during.

So I'm guessing that the terror alert should get ratcheted up a notch real soon. Kerry is speaking out and Bush is looking bad... Paging Mr. Ridge...


Google Search: bush cocaine

Let's see how long it takes for the US media to catch up on this one... Google Search: bush cocaine

As of this writing there are about 354 links.

Here are a few:
Washington Dispatch
Boston Herald
Independent, UK
Sydney Indymedia, Australia

There's a non-rebuttle on RushLimbaugh.com

Mixed emotions: Gun Control

So here's a petition: MoveOn.org: Don't Let the Assault Weapons Ban Expire

I have a few areas in my personal belifs where I break rank with any file. I don't own a gun myself, but I believe that the 2nd amendment, where it drafted today would not have excluded assault rifles.

Our founding fathers were leery of govenment taking too much control of and liberty from the citezenry. I think that they would have argued against a ban on certain types of weapons.

It's hard to ask them of course...

So we're all left with our own interpretations of their words. I know that they didn't forsee the AK-47 being used to hose down a McDonalds, but then again they couldn't forsee either the AK-47 or McDonalds.

I swore an oath to defend and protect the constitution once. I've questioned some of the provisions there in the past, like recently about the rights of free speach and the media covering trials...

One of the justifications for the 2nd amendment was to protect the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. These could be used in defense of our country by a foreign invader or to overthrow a tyrranical government that no longer served the will of the people.

I'm still wrestling with this because though I don't believe that my nutcase neighbor could be trusted to clean a pistol...

I need to stop thinking about this one, it's far too easy to talk yourself into a corner.

999 "official" Casualties...

There's a bad number on Iraq Coalition Casualties today. 999 US Soldiers "Officially" killed in action.

I heard a sick twisting of the facts about these numbers, if you are wounded in action, but die in a hospital you are not officially killed in action.

Just one more way to twist the truth and keep the turnips from noticing the real numbers of dead.

I've also heard that the US forcs in Afganistan were being diverted to prepare for an Iraqi invasion as early as March of 2002.

Our govenment is rotten fron the head down, and 53% (last week) of the turnips in this country think that GWB is the man to trust in fighting the war in terror.

He never ever wanted to fight the terrorists. If he did, we wouldn't have given Bin Laden 2 months to get away or only sent 12,000 troops to "smoke him out"


Mass Media + Legal Action = Failure

It's interesting how the Kobe Bryant case has washed out. Here's USATODAY.com - All parties share blame for a travesty of justice.

My take on this whole thing is that the Brits have it closer to right when it comes to dealing with criminal cases. There is a blanket gag order for all parties and even the names of the accused and accuser are kept a secret until the case is decided.

This has a couple of benefits, one is that the falsely accused are never destroyed by the accusation. Another is that the accuser isn't subject to character assasination.

Let me take those down one at a time... Rgardless of the guilt or innocence of people like Scott Peterson or Michael Jackson, the accusation alone causes damage to their reputations and future. Michael can take it better than Scott, but neither one of them comes out of this without taking a hit. In the Peterson case, Scott will never be able to walk away free and clear.

But as to the accuser, if you accuse a high profile celebrity, you are assured to have your entire past drug up by the media. Anything they find will head straight to the defense.

Would the public be harmed by missing out on this drama until i's finished? I think that the harm to the system as it stands is greater. Right now the media is making it impossible to get a fair trial.