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Interesting couple of stories today... This one says that fileswapping has contributed to a revival of classic rock. Another shows that fileswapping actually promotes sales of good music.


Why Iraq Was Wrong

Aside from the lies, the lack of WMD one fact comes out of the 911 commission that sets this whole thing into perspective. This article titeled Clarke Critique Reignites Debate on Iraq has the piece that kills me.

"We took the people out who could have caught them," he said. "But even if we get bin Laden or Zawahiri now, it is two years too late. Al Qaeda is a very different organization now. It has had time to adapt. The administration should have finished this job."

This is from Flynt Leverett, a former CIA analyst and Middle East specialist who left Bush's National Security Council staff a year ago.

You're fucking kidding me.


Who votes for these people!?

I cannot believe the shit in this article titled: EU ruling may help prod Microsoft to change on HoustonChronicle.com.

See if you believe these quotes:
"unwarranted and ill-considered,"
"I now fear that the U.S. and the EU are heading toward a new trade war — and that the commission's ruling against Microsoft is the first shot,"
...the decision could hamper innovation and harm consumers.

I would believe that all of these came from Microsoft, buut I would be wrong. Only the first is. The second comes from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, and the third is apparently from our own justice department.

Just because "our" government didn't do it, it must be anti-American.

Get a clue and get a new job. I can't wait for November.


2.6 Kernel..

Well I finally got onto the 2.6 kernel via Mandrake 10 (Community Edition) and I have to say I am impressed. I'm writing now from the same HP laptop I blogged on here. Since that time I have replaced the hard drive and installed Mandrake 9.2 on a 30 GB partition. I left myself 10GB for reliving the Windows XPerience (when I feel most sadistic or masochistic). Today I installed Mandrake 10 on that 10GB partition and I'm not sure if I'll reboot to 9.2 or not. All of my data is safely available to me and I can run like this for some time before commiting to the upgrade.

My observations so far... Flash 6 on this 900Mhz Duron (durian?) is on par with my 2.2Ghz PIV box. The whole system feels much snappier and responsive.


Finally, FOSS My Brother Can Grok

My brother has never grokked why open source is important to all of us. We've spoken about this in the past, but because my dad or I have always provided him with software price never entered into it. There's a more compelling reason for Free/Open Source Software which is freedom. That freedom (maybe I should use liberty) is something people don't even know has been eroded.

Most have heard the "hood welded shut" analogy. Now it looks like auto makers are doing just that. Consumers don't even know (or care) that their onboard computers are proprietary systems. But their local mechanic does. This article titled "Late-model car codes frustrate mechanics" helps clarify the issue.

My brother is a mechanic, he knows and uses the systems that diagnose vehicles. I wonder if he has run into this problem yet. More interesting is wether I can use this new case as a less abstract way of explaining the importance of openness in software and business.

Then I'll just have to explain what "grok" means


Disturbing trends...

I heard some of this story on my way to work this morning. Basically a worman refused a C-section. When one of her twins was stillborn it lead to a murder charge.

SO there are a couple of issues at hand here Her attorney, Michael Sikora, called a C-section major surgery and told the Tribune "it would come as no surprise that a woman with major mental illness would fear it."

If she's that ill she shouldn't be allowed to make that decision for herself.

Critics of the charges say the case could affect abortion rights and open the door to the prosecution of mothers who smoke, fail to follow their obstetrician's diet or take some other action that endangers a fetus.

I still need to digest this one, it's disturbing when someone lets a viable baby die, but I don't want to head down the road of the unborn rights overriding a mothers' rights.


Open Mikes and Crooked Poiliticians

CNN.com - Kerry: Comment aimed at GOP 'attack dogs'? - Mar 11, 2004

But Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt, in a statement said "John Kerry has run a relentlessly negative campaign from the very beginning, and this comment is completely consistent with that"

How about this for a new spin: "Bush has fucked this country for long enough"


Bush Campaign Defends Use of 9/11 in TV Ads

Of course Bush is allowed to use 9/11 in his ads. He's showing us all exactly what he is responsible for. This NYTimes Article has more info, but I think we should all remember 9/11 and the total failure of the Bush administration to do a single thing about it. Before 9/11 Bush wanted to go to war with Iraq, 9/11 gave him the excuse. Before 9/11 Bush wanted to build an anti-missle shield, he's still working on it.

Use the images Mr Bush. We will not forget what you "Accomplished" on that day.


You've got to be kidding...

Bush, Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. 31/01/2004. ABC News Online


Kumquats and Durians

I've just picked up some of the ranting about Kerry on various blogs because of his stance on Haiti. Tim Blair: A YEAR LATE, KERRY GOES UNILATERAL tries to make us believe that the action in Iraq is somehow equivalent to the movements in Haiti. Making that comparison is like comparing Kumquats to Durians, they're not even close in size and one stinks a hell of a lot more.

Many of the comments on that page also nead a helthy beating with a cluestick.

Starbucks Campaign

This weekend I got to celebrate my father-in-law's 75th birthday. Joe, AKA Mister Toaster a fixture among the toaster collecting community and frequent ebayer. A friend of his even posted a birthday auction to commemorate the occasion. I frequently get into political debates with my brothers-in-law just for yuks. Daniel will take any position he feels might be contrary to yours and Michael is a neo-anarchist. Mike has a view of Starbucks that I wanted to understand, mostly that Starbucks is evil. Mike's main complaints are the Starbucks kills indies, which is a common view of all chains, and that they exploit the poorest third world citizens in their unrelenting quest to overthrow the universe.

Mike... the Dr. Evil thing was a JOKE!

I did however look into the Fair Trade Coffee movement and found the Global Exchange : Starbucks Campaign which is interesting reading and well worth a look.

As a periodic Starbucks customer, I can get behind this action and do my part to help steer Starbucks in the right direction. Corporate entities need to be reminded of their ethical responsibilities from time to time and I can go for this.

I have heard way too much knee-jerk BS about why one company or another is evil or wrong without any form of supporting data or arguement. They are evil because they are.

Myself and many others heve worked to get Mike to think things through and finde supporting tada before spewing off, and I find that he is much more interesting to debate with because of those efforts. I'll defend though not take a position just to ensure that he has reasoned it through.

Daniel, on the other hand, has still neglected to connect his mouth with his brain on most issues. He has given some forethought to issues that are close to his heart, but overall needs more verbal challenges to his rants before he can come the rest of the way.

In a battle of wits, ammunition is as important and a good weapon. Daniel is well armed, he just needs to fill his clip before charging in.