What do inventors do when they can't sleep? Why they document their inventions of course...

Actually I've been tinkering with this little invention since Sunday. I'm finally convinced that it is new, and that I finally have a presentation worth showing.

So from the dawn of time people have pondered the rpblems of wasted paper from the laser printer. I and others have come to use that paper to protect the CDs that we burn. The sleves made from wasted office paper are rugged enough to protect the discs in a drawer, satchel or backpack and don't take up nearly the same amount of space as a jewel case or other hardened case.

So there's a couple of places you can go to get the instructions for folding paper CD cases from wasted office paper. There's even some very nice sites that have a form that will print out a custom PDF for you to print pertinant info onto your CD case.

Thes are nice, handy and easy, but I always was bothered by the fact that those cases create a square cover from a rectangular piece of paper. It's very handy, but I never felt that it was traditional origami. Of course the early paper folders of Japan and China didn't have this problem to solve, but grant me my little artistic bigotries please.

So I set out so create an origami CD cover from an 8 1/2" square piece of paper. and what you see below is the result. I drew in the red line art just for fun. I didn't have any one sided colored paper about, and I wanted to show the front/back differences, it also reminds me of the corner dipped paper I used to get as a kid.

unfolded frontunfolded back (folding instructs)
folded frontfolded back

Fold in on the solid lines, fold out on the dotted lines, tuck in all four corners and there you go!

until I hear otherwise, this is my copyrighted design. and I'm placing it under a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

This work is registered on Common Content here
I'll get better instructions up woth some better diagrams soon.

And before I forget, There's a folding variation, if you reverse the four large outer folds and let the smaller onse reverse as needed, all of the outer paper will be visible, you won't have any visible back.


ABCNEWS.com : Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops

ABCNEWS.com : Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops

Note to self, if the USAF calls, remember that Canada is nice this time of year.

Thankfully, I think that I;'m far enough off the radar of this noise that I'll not be called. Though, anything is possible.

Weightwatchers pisser

I don't use Microsoft products because I don't trust them. I encourage others to not use software that can't be trusted. But there are companies out there exhibiting the grossest negligence in the way that they deploy their applications on the web. I don't let my kids ie Internet Explorer at all, I only let my wife use it a little bit.
She only uses it to visit the member's area of www.weightwatchers.com. This is only done because the assholes up there are towing the "Microsoft owns the web" line and they won't let you in if you don't have IE.

Well in the latest phising scam, we now have to be very careful about whom we visit with IE. At one time large companies could be trusted to protect themselves, well I just found out that Weight Watcher's is rinning IIS according to Netcraft What's That Site Running Results
"Microsoft says the exploit affected servers running Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0 server that are not fully patched against a bevy of security holes detailed in April, known collectively as MS04-011. The initial version of the patch included bugs that crashed Win2K systems. Microsoft posted a web page confirming the IIS issue and referring system admins to a knowledgebase article detaling the workarounds and fixes available for affected Win2K machines."

Now I very likely have to rebuild my wife's computer.



Just the way I wanted to spend my life. Cleaning up after Microsoft. I'm sick of this shit...

No liberal media...

So I spend a lot of time on Google News - U.S. Surely there is going to be some continued outrage against our vice president telling senators to go fuck themselves? It's only tuesday there should be something going on.... right?

Nope, nothing. It's sad, seems that most Americans are sheep. Let us look at a couple of things about the current administration that have occurred in the last week
  1. Supreme court tells them they're wrong on Guantanamo
  2. Our VP is cussing out senators
  3. and obstructing justice

and only 51% of americans think they need to go.

Oh yeah I guess that now that Iraq is free everything's all better.

My favorte comment from Monday was this one from FUX News.com:
Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly, supposedly, allegedly, probably told Sen. Pat Leahy to go — not to Hades — but to do something to himself that we all know is most cases physically impossible.

Not that it's a bad idea. When I heard Cheney told Leahy to do this to himself, I thought of all those times the senator smugly sat at the helm of the Judiciary Committee and blocked Bush appointees to the federal bench... doing it out of the pure peevish political power of the chairmanship.

Oh you're kidding me right? You're doing your job as you see fit and I don't like you so this "outburst" is justified if it happened at all...

"As the vice president said — he doesn't usually speak that way, but this time he did and he was happy that he did."

I guess it's not reportedly, supposedly, allegedly or even probably. I need to add a section to theis blog called "Hack of the Week" and make sure to add John Gibson from FUX News to that list.


some Good news:Bush gets checked and balanced

At least some good has occurred today Salon.com News reports on the Supreme Court (whom I have my issues with) and thir rulings today regarding "Enemy Combatants".

Or should I call them "Thought Criminals"? At least the Supreme Court got it right tody. So much of our system is going backwards... I'm still a bit pissed about some of the cybercrime stings, something I should write about at greater length someday.

FUXNews.com - The Truth About 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

FUX News has a new screed on The Truth About 'Fahrenheit 9/11'. SO just for kicks, I think I'll take a stab at this debunking thing.

42% of the first 8 months of the Bush presidency was vacation. FUX says that if you take out weekends at Camp David that gets you down to 13%. I'll do you one better, if you take out sleep time, we're down to 9%, travel has to account for at least 1% and you also have to remove the time spent in front of cameras, so now we're down to what? -14% So in the first 8 months of the Bush presidency he was on the job for 9 months!

"The movie also criticizes Bush for staying inside a Florida classroom full of kids for a full seven minutes after he learned that the country was under attack on Sept. 11, 2001."
"However, the vice chairman of the Sept. 11 commission has said that Bush did the right thing. "

That would be one person's opinion verses another.

White House vs Richgard Clark... I though that at the time Richard Clark was considered "White House Staff" oh yeah and here's what he said:

"it was a conscious decision with complete review at the highest levels of the State Department and the FBI and the White House."

"Moore says that the departing Saudis were not properly processed by the FBI when leaving the country. That too is contradicted by the Sept. 11 commission, which said the Saudis were properly interviewed."

There's a dispute of numbers there. You can look them up 30 were interviewed, 142 flew.

Here's my favorite:
Finally, Moore shows prominent members of the Taliban visiting Texas, implying that they were invited by then-Governor Bush. The Taliban delegation, however, was invited to Houston by UNOCAL (search), a California energy company.

Yep that's a conclusion you could draw. But Moore SAID that they were there to see UNOCAL. Where's the controversy? FUX News not able to come up with a better shot?

"Moore also doesn't mention that the visit was made with the permission of the Clinton administration, which twice met with Taliban members — in 1997 and 1998"

Moore was also very critical of Clinton, and the fact that on the day of the Columbine shooting, the US dropped more bombs on Yugoslavia than on any other day.

Let us not forget that the Mujahideen and Osama himself was supported by Regan and GHW Bush. So... how far back shal we place the blame?

Moore Distortions (Farenheit 9/11)

This is a funny review. It is totally negative against Moore, and clams that he's irresponsible in his dot connections. Richard Guest tries really ard in thisarticle to make it sound like he's being nice.

I feel a Cheney moment coming on...

"There's a central -- and dishonest -- trick to what Moore is doing here: He's conflating two questions that have very little to do with each other."

ok, go fuck yourself. I feel better now. Will George Bush say I'm justified?


Farenheit 9/11 violates election laws

I can see their point, but it's too late.
Washington Post The fucked up thing is that the headline you see is:
"Fahrenheit 9/11: Thumbs Down"
If you're just scanning headlines then you'll get the complete wrong impression

Where have all the swing voters gone?

According to USATODAY.com - Most voters not changing minds there's only 20% swing in this election. Not bad, except that the shrub is in the lead and he was elected last time by losing the popular vote.

I'm about to rant about the electoral college and how it grants the ignorant voter greater power on average.

maybe not...


ANALYSIS / Moore's assertions supported by record / But '9/11' director may have to defend rapid-fire statistics

ANALYSIS / Moore's assertions supported by record / But '9/11' director may have to defend rapid-fire statistics

title says enough... go read for yourself. it's a goodie

Byron York on Fahrenheit 9/11 on National Review Online

Byron York on Fahrenheit 9/11 on National Review Online

I always thought the war in Afganistan was just... this one makes me reconsider that.

Bush backers slam movie

Like we expected them to welcome it with open arms and flowers... The Cincinnati Post

Looks like Cincinnati is a new center or rocket research...

MSNBC - 'Fahrenheit' draws few Republicans

Those few it does draw might have their minds.... altered.
"Republicans take fierce issue with the movie’s premise that President Bush was inattentive to the threat of terrorism. But few — if any — GOP figures were there Wednesday night for the movie’s premiere at the stately Uptown Theate"
MSNBC - 'Fahrenheit' draws few Republicans

You wanna see the real news?
It grossed $49,000 at the Loews Village 7 theater in New York and more than $30,000 at the Lincoln Plaza, breaking the single-day records for both theaters, said Tom Ortenberg, president of Lions Gate Films Releasing.
Emphasis mine.

Australia's listening!

"NEW YORK: US critics have applauded Michael Moore's anti-George W. Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, praising its scathing humour while voicing some reservations about the director's methods."
The Australian: Critics laud Moore film [June 25, 2004]

From downtown Flint (or What's left of it)

"Not that this is any shock coming from America's most famous leftist filmmaker, but Michael Moore makes no bones about why he made "Fahrenheit 9/11": He wants a new tenant in the White House."
Moore wants to rock the vote
You Go Ed Bradley

"Moore's film may lapse into rant, but devastating and entertaining 'Farenheit 9/11' is no stone-age screed"
SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Features -- Burning point

MTV seems to like Farenheit 9/11

from MTV.com:
'Fahrenheit 9/11': Overheated, Overstated ... And Great

Controversial film lays it on thick — but its arguments need to be heard.
MTV.com - Movies - News - Articles - 1488658 - 06242004

More on the ads...

"A conservative group asked federal election officials on Thursday to investigate whether television ads for director Michael Moore's anti-Bush documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" violate campaign finance law regulating when commercials may feature a presidential candidate."
ABCNEWS.com : Group Asks FEC About 'Fahrenheit' Ads

I'm still ambivalent about this one... maybe he could take bush's face and name off the ads and still advertise the movie. Elections are something that shouldn't be fucked with. Obviously the 2000 election showed us that.

ContraCostaTimes.com | Multiplex politics

There's some talk about the whole situation in the CoCo... ContraCostaTimes.com | Multiplex politics

Kansas City Star | Message or manipulation?

3 Stars in Kansas City... Kansas City Star | Message or manipulation?

CNN.com - Review: 'Fahrenheit'?a powerful, fiery film - Jun 24, 2004

A positive review from Paul Clinton:
"Filmmaker Michael Moore tends to make his points with a sledgehammer, and his anti-Bush administration documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" is no exception. But this time around he uses more delicate instruments as well, and what emerges is a powerful film"
CNN.com - Review: 'Fahrenheit'?a powerful, fiery film - Jun 24, 2004

Lights, camera, politics! 'Fahrenheit 9/11' a flash point in the debate over Bush and war on terror

Kristin Tillotson sounds negative:
"One thing on which the man of the moment and his critics can agree: Michael Moore is shameless."
Lights, camera, politics! 'Fahrenheit 9/11' a flash point in the debate over Bush and war on terror

Clearly this writer has as much an agenda as Moore.

Reuters UK: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' has a point to make

Bob Tourtellotte sounds a little negative... Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage: "Bob Tourtellotte"

Oh By the way...

Did you notice that Bush is now (finally) being investigated about the CIA leak?
Top News Article | Reuters.com

Reuters makes it clear....

The law is that you can't do any pro or con campaign ads... OK that makes more sense. The other hook is the insidious Canadians interferring with our election process:
"Citizens United also said the ads would violate rules against foreigners engaging in U.S. election related ads. One of the film's distributors, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., is Canadian-based."Top News Article | Reuters.com

Give me a ficking break...

Farenheit 9/11 trailers as Bush Election ads?!?

CTV has a fun look at this...
CTV.ca | CTV News, Shows and Sports - Canadian Television


I'll keep posting these as I find them to keep both of my readers rapt attention. This one is neutral to pro-Bush I can't decide which. A Bush whacking

The reviews begin...

Here we go... the reviews are starting to flow in from various media outlets.
Persuasive and passionate. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is both. It's also Michael Moore's best film.

From the San Francisco Chronicle.

You want my take? After only seeing the trailer I will say that I will do everything in my power to pay full price to see this movie this weekend. Hell I might even go twice. I figure that this is another way that we can vote with our wallets to make a statement to thw whole country. When the new headlines are:

Record Breaking Opening for Farenheit 9/11
Farenheit 9/11 Tops at Box Office

Thos small minded theatres that would't run the film will change their minds.

If you're a Bush supporter, please by all means, DON'T go see the file. Please protest it, make noise and get your mug on the TV you'll be doing yourself and us all a huge favor.


Microsoft getting ready to blow it again...

So according to this article Microsoft believes that they are Nintendo. and that they can dictate what the market will do. Foolish hardly describes this move. The only thing that has kep Microsoft in any industry has been (drum roll please) Backward compatibility. Could you imagine how well windows 95 would have been received if it only ran on new computers and would't play dos games? They are ignoring the lessons of the past that they taught the rest of the world. Sony learned this lesson and so did Apple. If they wish to forget it, I will enjoyt watching Xbox 2 be the first stillborn console to market.

So I've finally gotten My Gmail up...

For what it's worth, Gmail is now set up and you can gmail me at drdreff@gmail.com.

Let me know when I should get excited ok?


Good Bye Ray

Ray Charles has died and I'm speechless. One wonders if this will be noticed among the Reganometry.