John Gibson - Little White Lies

Fox new strikes again.... FOXNews.com - The Big Story w/ John Gibson - My Word - Little White Lies is titled as such because his point is:
"Nonetheless, Powell also made nice — in a transparently phony way — saying France is an important partner to the U.S., even though we all know it isn't.

Now Bush is going to have to go over there and tell the same little white lie."

But this guy plants a whopper earlier in the story:
..." the Canadians — who have spent the years since Sept. 11 kicking us in the teeth — decided he was coming to apologize for the Iraq war."

Canada fought in Afghanistan, and joined Bush's "Coalition of the Willing". They sent troops and armor to Afghanistan. We even killed some of their guys along the way. They also sent a destroyer ant two frigates to help out with Iraq.

What is it with the lies?


Kerik Withdraws His Name for Top DHS Job

My Way News

Kerik said he feared that the disclosure of the issue would generate intense scrutiny that would "only serve as a significant and unnecessary distraction to the vital efforts of the Department of Homeland Security."

Yup, nothing like having the head of Homeland Security violating immigration law and tax law.

Political Lunacy | Double Standard

Political Lunacy | Double Standard

Pointing to the hypocricy that is the republican party. Click on an ad while you're there :)

Yahoo! News - Paper Barred From Fort Carson Over Story

Yahoo! News - Paper Barred From Fort Carson Over Story

Maybe this is why the media isn't telling us the whole story. If they say something out of line, they get cut off from any further information.

Jeeze, at least we're not throwing journalists in porison... Oh wait we are.

Homeland Security Database 'a joke'

Database of critical sites ‘a joke'

This whole thing is a joke. Bush's reelection is the punchline.

Gulag - The American way

Bush Planning for Permanent Jail for Guant?namo

I thought that we didn't keep pollitical prisoners? Isn't this what we used to point at in the old Soviet Union to demonstrate how they were bad and we were good? O is it now that the Soviet empire has fallen, we have to be our own worst enemy.

Name one thing Bush has done right

I can wait.

take your time...


The Globe and Mail: Killed unarmed Iraqis, ex-marine tells hearing

I've been trying not to get political. But this stuff kills me inside. The Globe and Mail: Killed unarmed Iraqis, ex-marine tells hearing

"Mr. Massey testified in the refugee claim of U.S. army deserter Jeremy Hinzman, 26, who sought asylum in Canada after his application to be a conscientious objector was rejected. Mr. Hinzman said he did not want to be deployed to Iraq with his 82nd Airborne Division because he feared he would be forced to commit war crimes and atrocities in a conflict he considered illegal."

Where the fuck is fox news on this?
Bush: Military Working on Armor Upgrade. Bullshit, you've been aware of the problem from the beginning.

Obviously they knew we were going in ill equiped, "you go to war with the army you have"

Thank you Mr Rumsfeld, now could you show mw on the map where in Iraq is a clear and present danger to our country?

It shouldn't be a problem, you've had 21 months to find one.

140 official dead soldiers in Iraq last month. If that had been September, or October's number there might not be any red states.

Support our troops. Bring them home. Make sure they wear seatbelts, not cargo straps.

When they get here, we need to continue to support them. They have done their duty. They don't deserve to be cast aside. It's bad enough that we won't let them come home.