AAC Cracked!

Well it's official, iTunes AAC has been cracked. Jon Lech Johansen's blog has a link to a program that purports to dump the raw AAC sctream from an encrypted one.

DRM takes another blow, and fair use gets helped along. It really is too bad that the DMCA makes this kind of research illegal in the US. I find it even more telling though that the Windows version is exploited.

Now that I can use windows to buy iTunes, I'll be able to play them back on Linux. Or I could turn blue waiting for Mini-Me to support Linux.

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Laszlo - EarthLink

It's official and the world can see EarthLink has announced their Laszlo App.

Now the list of high profile names has grown... Yahoo, Behr, Earthlink, and Dean. Hey, I'm in good company now :)

It's good to see Macromedia Flex validating this space. But it is even more exciting to see scalable deployments today on a proven platform.

See? Dreff can take the high road :)


GameSpy, Morons...

According to BugTraq GameSpy is using the DMCA to violate another user's rights.

The DMCA is evil that much is certain. This is yet another in a long list of shitty actions taken in the name of "Rights Management"

What bullshit.


Am I first?

Howard Dean is the first presidential candidate to delpoy a Laszlo based RIA. Now the rest of the field will have to rush to catch up. First to blog, first to Laszlo, next first family :)

Also the little marvel on the left gutter is the product of some very talented people at Laszlo Studios and is running on Laszlo System's LPS software.